Op Art and Kinetic Art

Op Art or Optical Art, invites you to take an active look at the picture and play with the kinetic optical effect created by the artist. My pictures are static but your brain can set them in virtual movement, can have you change your visual perception as you please. And this is possible because the designs and the colour patches hide several volumes that the keen and active eye can perceive as concave or convex. My work consists in using abstract or semi-figurative shapes as well as colours in order to create double images that are in perfect balance. Your brain must thus be able to easily switch from one perspective to another.

Serigraphy allows almost perfectly smooth patches of colour so your eye is not attracted to details. You can thus forget the materiality of the picture and focus on the very essence of the pictorial message which is the Kinetic effect.

Now it’s up to you to try and catch the balance point and master the switching procedure to take an active part in the creation of movement in my pictures !

How did I become interested in Op Art and Kinetic Art ?

Beyond my aesthetic research on colours and shapes, balance and harmony through the use of the Golden Ratio (Divina Proportione), among others, I should mention my interest in yoga which I practised for a long time. My works invite you to perform mental yoga just like Mandalas which I became familiar with at the same time, when I was studying at the School of Fine Arts. I also discovered the subtleties of Kinetic Art while working in Victor Vasarely’s studio. Playing with movement through my works (paintings and silkscreens) is thus a form of mental exercise, akin to meditation, which invites you to introspection.